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Frequently Asked Questions:


What equipment do I need?

Our program is designed to work best in a fitness center setting (YMCA, Esporta Fitness - formerly LA Fitness, Crunch Fitness, etc.).  We are strong proponents of the use of cable resistance, and our program will use compound lifts such as squatting and deadlifting. There are work arounds which your coach can help you with, but having access to a fitness center, or a home gym with at least a squat/power rack, dumbbells, and multiple resistance bands is recommended to be sure that you will have the necessary equipment to maximize the program.


How do I know which plan to choose?

Custom Programming: This is great if you are coming off of an injury and have more specific deficits to address.  Custom programming is a perfect bridge between rehab and our standard programming.

Club / League Plan:  If you are a league player or a club player without much of a strength training base; or if you are a player coming off of an injury.

Accelerated Plan: If you are a  league or club player with a quality training base. This program is exactly the same as our club/league plan but with a shorter capacity building phase.

College Plan: Perfect for college players. College is difficult as there is 2 competitive seasons. This makes performing a proper strength program difficult. This is made even more difficult due to the fact that many college players also play club during the summers. This plan was designed to work within that framework and still achieve great results.


How many days per week?

Workouts are scheduled 3 times per week off season and 2 times per week pre-season and in-season

You can choose which days on which you perform by performing upcoming or past workouts by choosing the appropriate tab in the TrueCoach app.


When should I start?

If you are in your off season, the best time to start is now!

If you have a season approaching, it is best to start at least 16 weeks prior to the season, but our accelerated program is a great option for those getting started 12 weeks or less before the start of a competitive season.



What ages is this designed for?

This program can be used by players of all ages. It starts off at a comfortable pace for phase 1, and slowly progresses to be more performance based by phase 4. The later stages involve some heavy lifting. If you are fearful of doing some heavy squats and deadlifts use one of the provided modifications or reach out to your coach.

High school players that are new to weight training will learn safe ways to perform a lot of ultimate specific exercises that will provide them with a great foundation for future off season training.

College players will have a program to supplement their busy practice and tournament schedule that is easy to follow.

Younger club players will have structured off season training to prepare their bodies for the demands of their upcoming season

Older club players and masters players often start to feel the wear and tear of the years adding up, and a structured off season program is the best way to keep the wheels turning.

League players will also get great benefits, especially if their frequency of playing and working out has decreased. This program was designed as a great way to be confident that summer league will be filled with less aches and pains than in years past.


How do I use the program?

We utilize the mobile app "TrueCoach" for our programs.  After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions.  The invitation to join our page on "TrueCoach" will be sent to the email that you use at sign up.


What is included?

Individual Plans:

  • A monthly subscription to our injury prevention and performance programming.

  • Messaging 24/7 with one of our coaches.

  • Access to coaching calls as needed.

Team Plans:

  • Everything in our individual plan for each individual on the team.

  • 50% discount on pricing.

  • Customization of plan to fit team practice and tournament schedule.

Custom Programming:

  • Initial video consult/evaluation to determine needs.

  • Fully customized programming created 1 month at a time.

  • Monthly check-ins to fine tune goals before programming is created for the next month.


Is there speed, field, or plyometric work?

As the season approaches, programming shifts to 2x/week in the gym to allow for time to train with field work or track work.

Prior to the start of the club season, all subscribers will gain access to one track and one field workout per week.

There is plyometric work programmed though the volume depends on the training phase.

Treadmill/low intensity cardio is minimal throughout the program. If you are someone that loves cardio/running, simply reach out to your coach and they can set you up with a proper running program.


Does InForm Ultimate offer physical therapy?

Due to licensing restrictions, InForm Ultimate is currently offering formal physical therapy services to Pennsylvania residents.  However, once discharged from physical therapy, custom programming is a great way to bridge the gap from rehab to performance. 

We also recommend custom programming for those with minor injuries that do not limit play, or with long standing injuries that they have been able to continue playing with.

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