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Programs created by rehab and strength and conditioning professionals to keep ultimate frisbee athletes on the field.

Ultimate Injury Prevention and Performance

About Us


App based programming sent directly to your phone


24/7 messaging access with one of our coaches


Research based injury prevention and performance tools

Team and Small Group Pricing Available

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Video Coaching Evaluations Available

Exercises hand selected to fit your needs and goals.
Group Pricing

What's Included

  • Mobile app access

  • Easy to follow exercise routines

  • 60-75 minute workouts include warm up and cool down

  • 3 times per week off-season

  • 2 times per week in-season

  • Coaches available 24/7 for questions via in-app messaging feature

  • Perform past or upcoming workouts to easily fit with your schedule

  • Designed specifically for ultimate players

What's Included

Meet The Team

Copy of IMG_0484.heic

Michael Reeves PT, DPT, LAT, ATC, CSCS
Creator and Coach

Michael Reeves is a physical therapist, athletic trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and the creator of InForm Ultimate. After years of answering injury, rehab, and training questions from the ultimate community he decided it was to combine his professional and personal interests and create InForm Ultimate. 

Learn more about Mike, his playing career, the beginnings and goals of InForm Ultimate below


Josh McCune LAT, ATC, MS

Josh McCune has been an athletic trainer since 2015, specializing in injury prevention, biomechanics, and recognition & management of sports injuries. He serves as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Philadelphia Phoenix, and works with the AUDL to improve the health care standards for ultimate athletes across the country. He has his masters in exercise science, where he devoted much of his studies to the biomechanics of ultimate. 


Josh has spent the last several years focusing on how to best reduce the risk of injuries within the ultimate community, with the goal of ensuring that every ultimate athlete has the opportunity to stay on the field as much as possible. Having played throughout college at Millersville University, Josh was frequently turned to by his teammates when injuries would occur, and recognized the need for higher quality care across the sport.


He is extremely excited to be a part of InForm Ultimate and believes that all who participate are putting themselves in a position to not only reduce the risk of injuries, but to elevate their game. 


Greg Martin

TFW S&C Level 2, Performance Coach/FMS cert level 2

Greg Martin is a graduate from Bloomsburg University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Exercise Science. Greg has been a certified Strength Coach for Training For Warriors and Performance coach for Parisi Speed School since 2015.


Greg’s ultimate career includes club nationals with Philadelphia Patrol, as well as other club seasons with: West Chester Bang, and Lancaster Rumspringa. Greg also has a pro career dating back to 2016 where he was an MLU champion with the Philadelphia Spinners. He currently plays in the AUDL with the Philadelphia Phoenix where he was voted 2nd team all AUDL in 2021, and has established himself as one of the top deep threats in the league.

Greg's goal is to help athletes learn about their biomechanics and unlock their maximum athletic potential.


What People Say



It's obvious how much time and effort went into planning this workout program. I was really blown away by how much came with this package. It's personal training, tailored specifically to what I need as an ultimate player, but for significantly less cost. It hit every muscle group, including all of the auxiliary muscles that I know I need to strengthen but either don't know how or always forget about. The workouts are easy to follow and can scale up or down to meet everyone's needs. Coach Mike is super knowledgeable and is always available to answer questions or give encouragement. Definitely recommend.



Being someone who never goes to the gym or even works out this app seemed like my own personal trainer! The work outs are easy to understand and made my body feel 100x better. I enjoyed how easy the application was to to work



The days of going to the gym without a plan are over. With every workout session I had a new plan in place and could focus on the exercises with an easy to understand app.

Being able to ask questions through the app was very helpful and I never felt lost. From day one you can feel the effort and thoughtfulness that was put into the program. I would highly recommend.

Why Us?

A Letter From Our Creator

Copy of IMG_0484.heic

Hi, I am Michael Reeves PT, DPT, LAT, ATC, CSCS. I have been playing ultimate since 2009 I completed my undergraduate studies in 2013 earning a dual degree in biology and athletic training, and I continued my studies and earned my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2017.  I then became a certified strength and conditioning specialist in 2020.  I provided athletic training services for Pittsburgh Ultimate from 2014-2017 and I currently serve as as a physical therapy partner to Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance (PADA).

I have played on many different teams, spending my college days playing with Millersville University, then club with Lancaster Heva Havas, Pittsburgh Temper, Pittsburgh Alloy, Tulsa Boomtown, and currently with Lancaster Rumspringa. I also played 2 years in the AUDL with the Philadelphia Phoenix in 2013 and 2014.

I wanted to create a way to help a large portion of the ultimate community in a meaningful way.  I entertained many different options before finally landing on InForm Ultimate, where the goal is to provide the most user friendly ultimate specific injury prevention and performance programs possible.

At nearly every event that I have attended since starting to play ultimate I found myself answering questions from teammates and other players about injuries that they are dealing with. I have always enjoyed doing this, but there is only so far a 5-10 minute conversation can go, and there are only so many of those that I can have.  I have always believed that the most valuable thing that I can provide is education. I think the most valuable education I can provide is how to help prevent injuries, and the best way to prevent injuries is through a quality strength and mobility training program.

Ultimate is an incredibly demanding sport on our bodies. Most people stop playing their sport after the college days; but for some reason ultimate players feel the need to keep going until the wheels fall off, and then keep going some more. There is something special about this sport, and I want to do my part to allow every ultimate player I can reach be able to play as long as possible.  With that goal in mind, I decided to create InForm Ultimate to provide ultimate players with a resource they can rely on to prevent injuries and bridge the gap from rehab to performance.

To make use of our programming user friendly, I decided to take advantage of the fitness coaching app "TrueCoach" to allow clients easy tracking of their progress and messaging with one of our coaches.  I like to think of it like having an ultimate strength and conditioning coach in your pocket.  All of our coaches are ultimate players and are invested in the ultimate community.


I am hoping that this is just the beginning and that over the coming years, the InForm Ultimate team can create programs to help ultimate players deal with all of their nagging injuries and make their risk of future injuries as small as possible.

If you have any ways you think InForm Ultimate can better serve the ultimate community, please let us know

If you made it this far I am hoping you are at least a little bit interested in what we are providing. If so, head on over to our purchasing page to review some of our different plan options and hopefully we can help you or your team have your healthiest season yet!

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey and I am hoping that InForm Ultimate can be a valuable resource for the ultimate community for years to come.


Michael Reeves

Creator of InForm Ultimate

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